April 29, 2007

More Free Link Partners

Over the past months, I was getting more requests for backlink.

However, I did not list all the backlink requests because of the the web pages really sux! How to link to them!

So if you want a high PR backlink from this blog, make sure you have good quality content. Content that is for human visitors and not just search engine robots/spiders.

And if you are really serious about getting a link from me, please link to any pages of this blog. To find out how you can link to me, click Link To Us.

Why do I say you can link to any of the web pages in this blog and not just the home page?

I confirmed with a series of experiment over the last 6 months that getting backlinks to your inner pages was more effective.

For example, for every 10 backlinks, you want 6 of them to point to your inner pages and 4 to your home page. In this way, your blog/domain PageRank value will rise quicker than just getting all 10 links to your home page.