March 19, 2007

FDS Blog Partners

FDS stands for Free Directory Submission. Here, we'll list interesting/useful websites. To get your URL listed here, go visit our Add You Link page. Basically, you link to any pages of this blog and we will return you a link. It doesn't have to be a reciprocal link, you tell us where to link.

Blog Marketing

[Apr 29, 2007] Project AGLOCO - Asia's First Blog Advertising Community - the concept of the revenue sharing business plus a little bit about how to make money online.


[April 5, 2007] Exotic Travel Destination - Places Less Travel Blog - Not your usual tourist destinations for attractions such as fine dining, lavish shopping or resort beaches.

Entertainment & Shopping

[Mar 19, 2007] Amaldo - Entertainment Video and Blog - everything from entertainment to video, blog, posts and classifieds. Visit Amaldo Blog

[Mar 27, 2007] It's Cheap Enough - Online Shopping Mall
Yes, another online shopping site...why should you shop at this online shopping site when there are so many other's to choose from, you may ask? That is a good question and here is the answer.
We are a real dot com site that is not sub-connected to another site, we have a lot of products that you will find on many of the other auction sites, we have very competitive prices with cheap shipping rates, short shipping times, a great return policy, which is important, our site is very easy to navigate, we accept Paypal and major credit cards, the security is of the highest level so you can feel completely safe when doing business online with us, we have just about everything that you can think of and 98% of the time we will have it in stock and ready for you.
Some of the product topics that you will find when visiting our include as seen on tv, auto parts, bedding, best sellers, candles, car video, car audio, electronics, computer supplies, entertainment, fragrances, games and toys, garment, gift baskets, head sets and phones, jewelry, luggage, sporting goods, tools and more!
We are adding topics and more products all of the time. So remember, our online shopping mall is easy to navigate and we have great products at great prices! Save money and time - it's just that easy!

[May 23, 2007] Newopps Blog

[Jun 22, 2007] Visit Luxury Travel Destinations in India , Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives

[Jun 25, 2007] Cari duit

[Jun 30, 2007] India Tour and Travel

[Jul 2, 2007] Web Design & Development

[Jul 11, 2007] Free tips and idea to Make Money

[Aug 22, 2007] DunBullShitMe - Local jokes, daily music and gadgets updates.

[Aug 22, 2007] Success with Net - Creating wealth using Internet resources.

[Aug 22, 2007] icebleahz - With tears I cannot cry...

[Aug 22, 2007] Doris Day Years - All about Doris: photos, video and more.

[Aug 23, 2007] Raise Your Credit Score - a blog on how to raise your credit score.

[Aug 24, 2007] Home Business Opportunity

[May 21, 2008] My Puppy Photo

March 8, 2007

Internet Directories List

It's time for me to compile my own list of Internet directories and post it at this page. If you have suggestion, please leave me a comment.

Criteria for Internet Directories List:
  • Pagerank 4 and above for the homepage
  • Established traffic, Alexa rank 500k or better
  • Free for reciprocal1, paid for one-way link2
The above guidelines should cover most directories which have been around for at least 6 months or longer.

You can help by suggesting directories which pass the criteria above, leave me a comment and I'll go check them out.

Here's a list of directories which I find worthy to Add Your URL.