February 13, 2007

Free Web Directory List by SEOCompany.ca

Found this fantastic list of free web directories compiled by SEOCompany.ca.

I really like idea of displaying the Google PageRank value, Alexa traffic ranking and Google, Yahoo and Live link popularity of each web directory.

Using this list, you can start submitting today and in a couple of months your web page PR will definitely improve. Also since many of these directories have high Alexa traffic ranking, you may also get more targeted traffic to your web pages.

If you do not have the time but have some spare cash, you can visit forum such as forums.digitalpoint.com

Go to the section:
Digital Point Forums > Business > Buy, Sell or Trade > Services
and you will be able to find manual web directories services at affordable price.


Aisha Danna said...


many free directory are paid, or reciprocal link. But thanks it is very resourceful.

i have made a list of directory which is free for my website http://www.epurplemedia.co.uk

Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazing list of directories.

I really appreciate this blog. Good work.

I just submited my website to DiverseList.com.com, its really easy, and the
submit site
directory is free.

Keep it up.

yahrah said...
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yahrah said...

great Free directories.. i also compile a free directory listing. here it is http://everyday-seo.blogspot.com/2007/12/list-of-free-directory-submission.html

Freebytes.eu - European Social Connection said...

free directories tend to become paid after some initial success. That's why we have to submit our links when the directory is new and free. Once it has become famous we'll be happy to have our link in and not pay for it :)
Linkdor Web Directory
Good Luck to all of you link builders

Alan said...

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Unknown said...

That has been spectacular list of directories.Very useful.

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DioLT said...

I find this excellent web directory free reciprocal link and paid.

Diolt web directory
Web Directory - Submit your website for free to the internet's fastest growing directory! in return for a reciprocal link also featured and banner advertisement.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your blog through Google Search Engine and it is very nice to see this. I am also having some of blogs like this and I have a nice website for Indian Free Classifieds

Indian Free Classifieds

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RAM said...

list of free web directories

list of free web directories

admin said...

We always have the best chance of coming out on top. This is such a rare quality in a blogger....You may Check my free top blog directory list.And be top in google.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing list of free directory, but directory take lots of time to approve link..SEO Consultant

Nitiin said...

I am get more link for cheapairticketsindia.com because webstie does not show in canada local search ening. if you have any country specific directory list please update it on your blog.


Transcend said...

Great post thanks for the read, most website seo company have a certain niche and method they follow i will keep your post in mind.

creativeideaz.co.uk said...

what an amazing list of directories.
Thanks for sharing http://www.1stpageseo.co.uk/

smanuva said...

Social Bookmarking Site List

Albertson Denim said...

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Swarjit said...

What you provided is excellent the SEO Strategy is good and should help every one to get good SEO result.

Magento said...

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sathya said...

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seo services said...

Very awesome feature. I love how YouTube reaches out to and responds to their audience so very much.

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amna said...

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Asad Hanif said...

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Unknown said...

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sharon said...

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Susan said...

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