January 3, 2007

Blog Trackback - Links and Traffic

Trackback is one of the best ways to get inbound links and traffic. If you blog on platform like Wordpress and Typepad, you will be familiar with trackback.

I started using Wordpress for the trackback feature a couple of months back and I am getting good result so far.

Basically, Wordpress automatically checks the web page you hyperlinked in your post to check if it is a blog. And it will automatically create a comment to that post that link back to your post.

However, due to spam, many Wordpress blog owners add the rel='nofollow' tag to the hyperlink which render it not crawler by Googlebot. Still, SLURP and MSNBot might crawl these links and help your website in ranking for Yahoo Search and Live Search.

More importantly, you want to comment on blogs that are popular and have lots of traffic so that your own blog get noticed and visited by other blogs' visitors.

It's really very simple. All you need is a Wordpress blog and if you do not have your own hosting, you can host with Wordpress.com e.g.


or you can start a new blog at


which is powered by Wordpress Mu.