November 27, 2006

PR4 Web Design and SEO Link Exchange

Looking for link exchange with a PR4 web design and SEO related website? Here's one that will give you a PR4 backlink:I was invited to exchange link with this website and after 2 weeks, I am already receiving several visits to my web page via this link. Also I think the search engine spiders visited this page frequently and this is probably one of the few link exchange website that is still worth your time to contribute you link.

However, no one will know how long link exchange can continue to be useful after what Matt Cutts commented during Las Vegas Pubcon recently on link exchange for backlinks.

November 19, 2006

Review on Beta Blogger Upgrade

beta blogger upgrade reviewI upgraded this blog to beta.blogger 2 days ago. So far so good, I beginning to like this new Blogger platform. Ok, the new beta.blogger requires you to log in with your Google Account - if you don't have one, it's easy to register.

Here's a quick review on the new beta.blogger platform.

It is definitely faster. I can update the layout(new name for template) and the change is immediately reflected on my post. The page generation is very fast compared with the old platform. I can tweak the layout and see the change almost instantaneously. Previously, I would have save the template and wait for the pages to be re-published. Sometime, it just got stucked and I will need to re-login and re-publish a few times before I can see the changes.

You can organized your posts in categories. Label your post with the appropriate tags and your post will be organized in categories list at the end of each post.

Tweaking the MainPage, ItemPage and ArchivePage individually. Unlike the old version, the layout is define in XML format. I cannot see how you can tweak the template as much as before so that you can have different appearances(layout) for MainPage, ItemPage and ArchivePage. To me the is the main drawback and I don't like this 'cos I need to re-learn how to do it all over again. The answers to my questions would probably contain in this page.

Save your HTML template with one-click. You can conveniently save the HTML template to your computer or upload your favorite template. With the old platform, I will have to use the Ctrl-a and Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v key sequences to select all, copy and paste the template to the text editor to save the template.

Blogger Beta - HTML template

You can now make your blog private. I wonder why people want to blog online and keep it "private". I mean how private can it be when what you wrote is stored in other people servers. For heaven sake, it you want make it private, keep a paper dairy and locked it away in your private physical space.

November 17, 2006

An SEO Experiment Backlinks

Last week I emailed to my SEO workshop e-group asking for help. I wanted to conduct an experiment to rank for the keywords "top search engine ranking". So I ask members of the e-group to give me a keyword rich text link:

<a href="">Top Search Engine Ranking</a>

smileyWithin 5 days, 2 member responded and I got 5 links from 4 blogspot blogs and a website. And I will return their favour by listing their websites/blogs here: On top on listing here, I will be listing some of the websites/blogs at my other websites that share similar topics.