July 28, 2006

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UPDATE December 8, 2008
We no longer accept link.


Unknown said...

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Shi Heng Cheong said...

Hi Ariel,
You link www.amaldo.com is active. I have written a short description to make it looks less like a link. Visit FDS Blog Partners now.

Unknown said...
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Hoon by TPH said...

Hi, Shi,

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Hoon by TPH said...

Hi, Shi,

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Hoon by TPH said...

Hi, Shi,

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Hi Shi,

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Hoon by TPH said...

Shi, Thanks for the PR3

Shi Heng Cheong said...

Hi Iskandar,
I've added your blog at FDS Blog Partners page.

Shi Heng Cheong said...

Hi Vedis,
You're welcome. Time for you to get a pay raise.

Jett said...

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Shi Heng Cheong said...

Hi Lee,
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Shi Heng Cheong said...

I've updated the latest link requests at FDS Blog Partners.

We do check if you've added our link to your web page. If you want a link from us, please will have to link to us first, OK?

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Shi Heng Cheong said...

Hi Lijo George,

To get higher PageRank, these are the two ways:

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Dominic said...

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Shi Heng Cheong said...

Hi Dominic,

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