July 31, 2006

All Media Directory - Directories > Free

Submitted Singapore Directory to the this directory on 28 Jul 2006:

All Media Directory - Free Directories
- http://www.allmediadirectory.com

This is a nice looking directory powered by phpLD. And it won the Site of the Month Award for July 2006.

All Media Directory

The category I've submitted is Directories > Free. This web page is PR4. I paid US$14.95 for a regular link and no reciprocal was needed. My link was added within 48 hours. Currently, there are only 2 links on that page including Singapore Directory and I think it is a pretty good deal for aPR4 one-way link.

At a Glance
  • Title: All Media Directory
  • URL: http://www.allmediadirectory.com
  • PR: 5
  • Featured link: US$24.95
  • Regular link: US$14.95
  • Regular links with reciprocal: US$9.95
  • Free link: No

July 28, 2006

Free Directory Submission - Link to Us

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UPDATE December 8, 2008
We no longer accept link.