July 3, 2007

Free Blog Links

I have started a new blog - Free Blog Links - to help people to get more backlinks to their blogs and websites.

Here's how it works.

You link to Free Blog Links from your blog, it can be a free blog with Blogger.com or Wordpress.com. Tell me the URL of the blog post that you've link to me. Then I will link to another blog or website of your choice. Why do you want to do this? Because, it this way, you can get a one-way link which is better in terms of search engine optimization than a reciprocal link e.g. exchanging links between 2 websites.

May 25, 2007

Buying Text Links

Buying text link or renting text link used to be a very effective to boost your PageRank. I have rented text link previously. And I can tell you that a high PageRank text link can really do magic to your web page ranking. However, Google is trying to make sure you pay a high price for getting into their top ranking with this method.

Google has been implementing several measures to prevent people to manipulate their search results by buying text links. I cannot tell exactly what they have done but I can see certain pages search ranking and PageRank dropped drastically over past months.

If you are going to rent or buy a text link, make sure the backlink is from a page with content relevant to your destination page. And do not waste money on Pagerank 5 and less. Go for at least PR7. Yes, I know it costs a lot more.

If you are desperate looking for more backlinks, find out how you can get link from this blog and click Link to Us.

April 29, 2007

More Free Link Partners

Over the past months, I was getting more requests for backlink.

However, I did not list all the backlink requests because of the the web pages really sux! How to link to them!

So if you want a high PR backlink from this blog, make sure you have good quality content. Content that is for human visitors and not just search engine robots/spiders.

And if you are really serious about getting a link from me, please link to any pages of this blog. To find out how you can link to me, click Link To Us.

Why do I say you can link to any of the web pages in this blog and not just the home page?

I confirmed with a series of experiment over the last 6 months that getting backlinks to your inner pages was more effective.

For example, for every 10 backlinks, you want 6 of them to point to your inner pages and 4 to your home page. In this way, your blog/domain PageRank value will rise quicker than just getting all 10 links to your home page.

March 19, 2007

FDS Blog Partners

FDS stands for Free Directory Submission. Here, we'll list interesting/useful websites. To get your URL listed here, go visit our Add You Link page. Basically, you link to any pages of this blog and we will return you a link. It doesn't have to be a reciprocal link, you tell us where to link.

Blog Marketing

[Apr 29, 2007] Project AGLOCO - Asia's First Blog Advertising Community - the concept of the revenue sharing business plus a little bit about how to make money online.


[April 5, 2007] Exotic Travel Destination - Places Less Travel Blog - Not your usual tourist destinations for attractions such as fine dining, lavish shopping or resort beaches.

Entertainment & Shopping

[Mar 19, 2007] Amaldo - Entertainment Video and Blog - everything from entertainment to video, blog, posts and classifieds. Visit Amaldo Blog

[Mar 27, 2007] It's Cheap Enough - Online Shopping Mall
Yes, another online shopping site...why should you shop at this online shopping site when there are so many other's to choose from, you may ask? That is a good question and here is the answer.
We are a real dot com site that is not sub-connected to another site, we have a lot of products that you will find on many of the other auction sites, we have very competitive prices with cheap shipping rates, short shipping times, a great return policy, which is important, our site is very easy to navigate, we accept Paypal and major credit cards, the security is of the highest level so you can feel completely safe when doing business online with us, we have just about everything that you can think of and 98% of the time we will have it in stock and ready for you.
Some of the product topics that you will find when visiting our include as seen on tv, auto parts, bedding, best sellers, candles, car video, car audio, electronics, computer supplies, entertainment, fragrances, games and toys, garment, gift baskets, head sets and phones, jewelry, luggage, sporting goods, tools and more!
We are adding topics and more products all of the time. So remember, our online shopping mall is easy to navigate and we have great products at great prices! Save money and time - it's just that easy!
Recip: www.itscheapenough.com/links.html

[May 23, 2007] Newopps Blog

[Jun 22, 2007] Visit Luxury Travel Destinations in India , Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives

[Jun 25, 2007] Cari duit

[Jun 30, 2007] India Tour and Travel

[Jul 2, 2007] Web Design & Development

[Jul 11, 2007] Free tips and idea to Make Money

[Aug 22, 2007] DunBullShitMe - Local jokes, daily music and gadgets updates.

[Aug 22, 2007] Success with Net - Creating wealth using Internet resources.

[Aug 22, 2007] icebleahz - With tears I cannot cry...

[Aug 22, 2007] Doris Day Years - All about Doris: photos, video and more.

[Aug 23, 2007] Raise Your Credit Score - a blog on how to raise your credit score.

[Aug 24, 2007] Home Business Opportunity

[May 21, 2008] My Puppy Photo

March 8, 2007

Internet Directories List

It's time for me to compile my own list of Internet directories and post it at this page. If you have suggestion, please leave me a comment.

Criteria for Internet Directories List:
  • Pagerank 4 and above for the homepage
  • Established traffic, Alexa rank 500k or better
  • Free for reciprocal1, paid for one-way link2
The above guidelines should cover most directories which have been around for at least 6 months or longer.

You can help by suggesting directories which pass the criteria above, leave me a comment and I'll go check them out.

Here's a list of directories which I find worthy to Add Your URL.

February 13, 2007

Free Web Directory List by SEOCompany.ca

Found this fantastic list of free web directories compiled by SEOCompany.ca.

I really like idea of displaying the Google PageRank value, Alexa traffic ranking and Google, Yahoo and Live link popularity of each web directory.

Using this list, you can start submitting today and in a couple of months your web page PR will definitely improve. Also since many of these directories have high Alexa traffic ranking, you may also get more targeted traffic to your web pages.

If you do not have the time but have some spare cash, you can visit forum such as forums.digitalpoint.com

Go to the section:
Digital Point Forums > Business > Buy, Sell or Trade > Services
and you will be able to find manual web directories services at affordable price.

January 3, 2007

Blog Trackback - Links and Traffic

Trackback is one of the best ways to get inbound links and traffic. If you blog on platform like Wordpress and Typepad, you will be familiar with trackback.

I started using Wordpress for the trackback feature a couple of months back and I am getting good result so far.

Basically, Wordpress automatically checks the web page you hyperlinked in your post to check if it is a blog. And it will automatically create a comment to that post that link back to your post.

However, due to spam, many Wordpress blog owners add the rel='nofollow' tag to the hyperlink which render it not crawler by Googlebot. Still, SLURP and MSNBot might crawl these links and help your website in ranking for Yahoo Search and Live Search.

More importantly, you want to comment on blogs that are popular and have lots of traffic so that your own blog get noticed and visited by other blogs' visitors.

It's really very simple. All you need is a Wordpress blog and if you do not have your own hosting, you can host with Wordpress.com e.g.


or you can start a new blog at


which is powered by Wordpress Mu.

December 21, 2006

Domain Name Trading

Domain name tradingGoogle has made it less beneficial for your website if you have a link from a web directory. You may not be able to inherit the pagerank value from the page where you submitted your link. So you may want to stop paying for directory submission.

And without enough backlinks, your website and web pages may never be ranked high in the search engine results and your pagerank.

Directory submission used to be one of the effective method to inherit pagerank value. Now, it is no longer that easy. However, it is still an effective way to get your new web pages crawled by the search engine robots in a relatively short time.

Expired Domain Name

One way to get quick pagerank and traffic is to buy expired domain names. And I have dabbled into Domain Name Trading recently, to find out how effectively this method can quickly add PR3, PR4 and PR5 websites to my inventory. So far, so good. As long as you do your homework and make sure that the pagerank values genuine and confirm the number of existing inbound links, you'll be quite safe.

I am more interested in the existing inbound links - both in terms of quality and quantity. I used the following tools to help me check the pagerank and backlinks:
And these are the sites (affiliate links) where I look for expired domain names:

November 27, 2006

PR4 Web Design and SEO Link Exchange

Looking for link exchange with a PR4 web design and SEO related website? Here's one that will give you a PR4 backlink:I was invited to exchange link with this website and after 2 weeks, I am already receiving several visits to my web page via this link. Also I think the search engine spiders visited this page frequently and this is probably one of the few link exchange website that is still worth your time to contribute you link.

However, no one will know how long link exchange can continue to be useful after what Matt Cutts commented during Las Vegas Pubcon recently on link exchange for backlinks.

November 19, 2006

Review on Beta Blogger Upgrade

beta blogger upgrade reviewI upgraded this blog to beta.blogger 2 days ago. So far so good, I beginning to like this new Blogger platform. Ok, the new beta.blogger requires you to log in with your Google Account - if you don't have one, it's easy to register.

Here's a quick review on the new beta.blogger platform.

It is definitely faster. I can update the layout(new name for template) and the change is immediately reflected on my post. The page generation is very fast compared with the old platform. I can tweak the layout and see the change almost instantaneously. Previously, I would have save the template and wait for the pages to be re-published. Sometime, it just got stucked and I will need to re-login and re-publish a few times before I can see the changes.

You can organized your posts in categories. Label your post with the appropriate tags and your post will be organized in categories list at the end of each post.

Tweaking the MainPage, ItemPage and ArchivePage individually. Unlike the old version, the layout is define in XML format. I cannot see how you can tweak the template as much as before so that you can have different appearances(layout) for MainPage, ItemPage and ArchivePage. To me the is the main drawback and I don't like this 'cos I need to re-learn how to do it all over again. The answers to my questions would probably contain in this page.

Save your HTML template with one-click. You can conveniently save the HTML template to your computer or upload your favorite template. With the old platform, I will have to use the Ctrl-a and Ctrl-c and Ctrl-v key sequences to select all, copy and paste the template to the text editor to save the template.

Blogger Beta - HTML template

You can now make your blog private. I wonder why people want to blog online and keep it "private". I mean how private can it be when what you wrote is stored in other people servers. For heaven sake, it you want make it private, keep a paper dairy and locked it away in your private physical space.

November 17, 2006

An SEO Experiment Backlinks

Last week I emailed to my SEO workshop e-group asking for help. I wanted to conduct an experiment to rank for the keywords "top search engine ranking". So I ask members of the e-group to give me a keyword rich text link:

<a href="http://designerseo.com/workshop/">Top Search Engine Ranking</a>

smileyWithin 5 days, 2 member responded and I got 5 links from 4 blogspot blogs and a website. And I will return their favour by listing their websites/blogs here: On top on listing here, I will be listing some of the websites/blogs at my other websites that share similar topics.

August 30, 2006

Automated Directory Submission Software

This is not exactly free however Directory Dominator will save you some previous time from your link building campaign. Also not all the links you get are one-way links. Submitting to directories for free usually requires you to provide reciprocal link.

Automated directory submitter

So be prepared to create a link page. You can simply name it "links.html". However, you must not have more than 100 links per web page. I would recommend that you keep it to 40 links max. You can view an example of directories link page here.

July 31, 2006

All Media Directory - Directories > Free

Submitted Singapore Directory to the this directory on 28 Jul 2006:

All Media Directory - Free Directories
- http://www.allmediadirectory.com

This is a nice looking directory powered by phpLD. And it won the Site of the Month Award for July 2006.

All Media Directory

The category I've submitted is Directories > Free. This web page is PR4. I paid US$14.95 for a regular link and no reciprocal was needed. My link was added within 48 hours. Currently, there are only 2 links on that page including Singapore Directory and I think it is a pretty good deal for aPR4 one-way link.

At a Glance
  • Title: All Media Directory
  • URL: http://www.allmediadirectory.com
  • PR: 5
  • Featured link: US$24.95
  • Regular link: US$14.95
  • Regular links with reciprocal: US$9.95
  • Free link: No

July 28, 2006

Free Directory Submission - Link to Us

Just paste the following HTML codes to your blog.

<p><a href="http://freedirectorysubmission.blogspot.com">
<img src="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/7177/3133/400/freedirsub.gif"
alt="Get more backlinks - Free Directory Submission" border="0" /></a></p>

And this is what you'll see this chicklet.
Free Directory Submission Blog

First, add our link to your blog or web page either with the above chicklet image or the following text link information:
Title: Get More Backlinks - Free Directory Submission
URL: http://freedirectorysubmission.blogspot.com
Description: Quick guide to free directory submission and get your new website indexed faster by major search engines.

<p><a href="http://freedirectorysubmission.blogspot.com">
Free Directory Submission</a> - Quick guide to free directory submission and get your new website indexed faster by major search engines.</p>

After you've added our link, post a comment to let us know the URL where our link can be found and your link details. We will then post your link in our blog.

And we will be delighted if you were to subscribe to your RSS feed. Here's the URL:

Do you want an entire page talking about your blog or website? Follow this 5-step to get a page link to you:
  1. Write about your blog/website - 150 to 300 words should be fine.
  2. Please include these terms “free directory submission” or “submitting to free directory” in your short article e.g. I’ve tried free directory submission to boost the link popularity of the website.
  3. Email the article to freedirectorysubmission at gmail dot com. Please include a subject line and the keywords you're targeting.
  4. Allow me some time to review your post and edit it before adding to this blog. I will inform you of the URL once your article is approved.
  5. Write about FreeDirectorySubmission blog at your website/blog and link to me <a href="http://freedirectorysubmission.blogspot.com">
    Free Directory Submission</a>
    . When you link to me first, I will feel obligated to return the favor.
Link building is the most powerful way in search engine optimization process which can help you to improve your link popularity. With high link popularity, you will get better placement at the search engine results page and higher Google PR.

To learn more about search engine optimization, visit http://www.seochef.com and http://www.timmguru.com.

P.S. If you don't have a short article about your website or blog to contribute, just link to us - either using our chicklet or text link. We will do our best to return you a link at our main page's Links section or at the FDB Blog Partners page.

UPDATE December 8, 2008
We no longer accept link.